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Hands off our bikes! City centre motorcycle and scooter commuters send a clear message to thieves in

26th September 2017

Following an increase in the theft of powered two wheelers (PTWs) from Birmingham City Centre during the early part of the summer, a 'lock it or lose it' campaign is proving to be working. The View full story

New figures show that MASTER protected motorcycles are 6 times less likely to be stolen!

1st September 2017

Recent analysis of theft data for new motorcycles sold in 2017, shows there is a huge difference between machines which are marked with the MASTER Security Scheme, compared to those which are not.  View full story

Motorcycle industry pulls together to fight theft

27th July 2012

Around 26,000 motorcycles are stolen in the UK each year.  Recognising the effect that theft has on the motorcycle community and industry, the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI), has launched the View full story