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Two Wheel Data Centre

The Two Wheel Data Centre is a statistical service exclusively available through  membership of the MCIA.  It is a searchable database which contains information harvested from around 600,000 unique insurance quotes.  That’s around 80% of UK riders.

This breadth of data has never been made available to the UK motorcycle industry before.  It contains demographic information such as age of riders, occupation, gender and marital status as well as how many miles a year they ride, what they ride, how old their bikes are and what licenses they hold plus much more for the whole of the UK or broken down by region.

What does the Two Wheel Data Centre provide?

The Quick Research Tool, free to members and their relevant staff and all dealers.   

How to use the free Quick Research Tool 

Quarterly Insight Reports, for those who require additional insight – This provides additional information as well as year on year comparisons and costs £750 plus VAT per year (members rates).

How to use the Quarterly Insight Reports

Custom Reports
, for specific and detailed requirements, that are available to subscribers of Quarterly Insight Reports, prices on request.

How to order a custom report

The web address for the Two Wheel Data Centre is

Get started:

How to Register

Who to contact?  If you have any problems registering or using please contact the MCIA’s Statics Department

Note: You may not reproduce any of the data from the Two Wheel Data Centre without explicit written permission from the MCIA. These details must not be distributed outside your organisation.