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News & Press Releases

September 2013

BikeSafe stalwart gets major recognition from colleagues across the UK

26th September 2013

Sergeant Paul Mostyn, the officer responsible for starting BikeSafe London, has received a commendation for his ‘outstanding contribution to motorcycle safety’. 

MCI joins other EU countries to raise the profile of motorcycling in Europe

25th September 2013

Motorcycle Trade Associations from across Europe and motorcycle manufacturers will be meeting tomorrow (26th September) to discuss initiatives to gain recognition of motorcycling in European transport policy. 


MCI get closer to winning recognition for PTWs in a low carbon future

20th September 2013

Talks to include motorcycling within plans for a low carbon future moved forwards this week, when Craig Carey-Clinch, supported by Dave Luscombe, represented the MCI at a meeting with staff from the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP) in London.

Special Member Group Update

9th September 2013

The first of a number of special member group meetings started last week with the eMCI and continued today with the Service Providers Group (pictured).