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News & Press Releases

March 2018

MCIA supports Met Police campaign to make it harder for thieves

28th March 2018

The Motorcycle Industry Association is fully supportive of the latest phase of the Met Police's campaign to ask riders to lock, chain and cover their bikes.  This makes a bike harder to steal so is less attractive to thieves.

UK motorcycle industry warns trade tariffs on motorcycles will result in job losses in the UK

23rd March 2018

The UK’s Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) is strongly urging the UK Government to exclude motorcycles from the list of American products on which the EU will increase customs duties.

ACEM communication - "Nobody wins with trade wars"

21st March 2018

Brussels, 21 March 2018.  One day ahead of the Brussels European summit, where the 28 Heads of State and Government will discuss trade policy, the European Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers (ACEM) calls on EU governments to exclude motorcycles from the lists of American products on which the EU will increase customs duties. The EU stands ready to retaliate against the US following the decision of the Trump administration to impose additional duties on imports of steel and aluminium products including European ones.

MCIA Brexit update

19th March 2018

Members of the Motorcycle Industry Association have been updated on the latest developments with Brexit and how these might impact the motorcycle and scooter market in the UK.

ACEM press release - Motorcycle industry concerned over potential escalation in US-EU trade relations impacting the motorcycle sector

7th March 2018

Brussels, 7 March 2018. The European Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers (ACEM) is deeply concerned at the recent press statements delivered by the American and European authorities in relation to US imports of steel and aluminium. ACEM appreciates the reasons behind potential retaliation action by the EU in case the US increases tariffs on imported steel and aluminium. However, the motorcycle industry would be severely damaged if brought into this trade dispute.

UK Motorcycle Industry Association tells UK Government US/EU trade war will harm motorcycle industry

7th March 2018

The UK’s Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) has today written to the UK Government expressing the industry’s concern regarding a potential trade war following the U.S President’s announcement to significantly increase tariffs on steel and aluminium imports to the U.S.
The EU Commission has prepared retaliatory counter measures, which if initiated, have an extremely high risk of negatively impacting a number of MCIA member companies.
Should the situation escalate, there is a strong possibility that the European and UK market will suffer significant damage at a time when Brexit brings enough uncertainty and challenge to the economy.     
The MCIA’s position will mirror that of the European trade body, ACEM.
MCIA, ACEM and its members are committed to a free and balanced trading environment to preserve businesses and jobs.  The ACEM position can be read in full here.


  • The Motorcycle Industry Association represents major manufacturers and importers operating in the UK, as well as accessory and component suppliers/manufacturers and service providers.  MCIA members include Honda, BMW, Harley-Davidson, KTM, Suzuki, Yamaha, Triumph, Kawasaki, Ducati and Piaggio. For a full list of members see here.  
  • ACEM members include 17 manufacturing companies and 17 national industry associations.

Motorcycle industry urges London Mayor to rethink transport strategy

1st March 2018

London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s new transport strategy ignores the benefits of powered two wheelers and in doing so puts riders’ lives at greater risk.