14th January 2013

Data from MCI contact centre facilitates new motorcyclist case study

It is now possible to track new motorcyclists from their initial free ride with Get On to a subsequent purchase or training, through data collected from the MCI’s new Contact Centre.

One such study follows Darren Wild and his teenage son, who both took CBTs within a month of their Get On ride and went on to purchase bikes from MCI members. 
  Darren’s initial interest was sparked when his son announced he was going to take up motorcycling. Darren discovered Get On and suggested they do it together - partly so he would understand more about motorcycling and be able to reinforce any safety messages to his son.  As Darren had been looking for a quick but economical alternative to his usual cycle to work, he was quickly convinced that a PTW offered the solution for him too.
  Both father and son are already thinking about bigger bikes in the future and they are considering doing Direct Access, once they have gained more experience.  In addition, three of Darren’s colleagues have converted to PTWs through the same route, having been swayed by his positive experience.

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