13th March 2019

Fuel Labelling

MCIA are pleased to report another success, this time on the topic of fuel labelling. 

The MCIA position on a number of elements has been accepted by government, namely:
  • Legislation should only apply to road vehicles
  • No label required for E0 fuel
  • Remain with EN16942 description
  • Allow industry 12 months to comply, not 3 months as proposed originally
  • Compliance with legislation at the point of sale, not at the point of manufacture 
In summary, the key points of The Alternative Fuel Labelling and Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2019, are:
  • Labels to be displayed on vehicles and in manuals by April 2020
  • Labels are for “alternative fuels”, i.e. contains ethanol
    • Vehicle labels will be required for both E5 and E10 fuel and placed near the filler cap
  • Only on-road vehicles need to comply

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