24th October 2013

MCI attend parliamentary launch of a report identifying Britain’s most dangerous roads.

Craig Carey-Clinch will represent the MCI at Westminster today when he attends the launch of a report which highlights which of the UK’s ‘A’ roads have the best safety records.

This report, titled ‘Measuring to Manage’, uses parliamentary constituencies to map the safety of the full 'A' road network outside city centres - where the majority of British road deaths are concentrated.    The author is the Road Safety Foundation, which produces a report annually as part of the UK’s commitment to the European Road Assessment Programme (EuroRAP).  It says there are some surprising results in terms of which constituents are leading and which are lagging behind in their road safety records.   EuroRAP is an international not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to saving lives through safer roads. Members are motoring organisations, national and regional road authorities, research institutions and elected experts.    A previous UK report showed how changes made to just 15 roads in the UK prevented over 304 deaths, also saving the public purse 50 million pounds.  This year, the Swedish Roads Minister told international conferences that a new approach to targeting infrastructure safety can save a life - for just 5% of the cost of the old.  The Coalition Government has now proposed that Britain's largest road authority, the Highways Agency, will become a public corporation, thereby opening a debate on priorities and accountability for raising infrastructure safety.

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