DVLA Regional Office Closures


MCI continues its consultation with the DVLA regarding the closure of its regional offices.

The DVLA have recently announced some changes to the planned delivery dates to some elements of the programme and have issued a timetable for a phased implementation during 2013 (see 'downloads' below).

Further details of the changes have also been released; there have been a number of developments including:
  • The delivery of some services previously undertaken by the DVLA Local Offices to be made available through the Post Office (not first Registrations though).
  • Central distribution of tax discs (from DVLA Swansea) for all first registrations.   Legislation allowing for a vehicle to be driven for 14 days without displaying a tax disc will be implemented in parallel.
  • Provision will be made for alternative addresses for tax disc despatch. 
  • There will be further encouragement to increase AFRL take-up including removal of the joining fee for AFRL web use and a significant reduction in the indemnity level for those that choose a direct debit option. Motorcycle dealers will now not pay the AFRL joining fee or indemnity.

For more details download the DVLA Update (see 'downloads' below).