MCI to meet Transport Minister to discuss electric PTWs and Wheels to Work


The contribution motorcycling can make to sustainable transport will be on the agenda this week when Steve Kenward meets Transport Minister Norman Baker. As a minister with responsibility for local and regional transport, the MCI will be particularly keen to explain how electric motorcycles and the eMCI can help reach ‘green’ targets.

A number of key issues will be raised in support of the case for electric motorcycling and a plea will be made for government departments, authorities and interested bodies to recognise electric motorcycles and scooters as credible electric vehicles (EVs).
  Too often, electric scooters and motorcycles are ignored, as general audiences consider EVs refer only to cars. Electric motorcycles offer huge advantages though; they can be charged up using normal domestic plugs, are more affordable to buy than electric cars and have exceptionally low running costs.  These points will be stressed to the Minister, in order to ensure PTWs win their rightful place on the Government’s green agenda - to decarbonise the UK vehicle fleet. Wheels to Work
The MCI is heavily involved in establishing the Wheels to Work Association (W2WA) and the Minister will be praised for his support of Wheels to Work Schemes.  These provide motorcycles and scooters as transport to work or college, particularly for youngsters in rural areas.  Allowing these schemes to flourish ensures young people are not excluded from work and society through lack of transport. This meeting follows an earlier one this week with the newly appointed Transport Minister, Stephen Hammond, who was introduced to the MCI’s Framework Document in discussing the part motorcycles could play in easing congestion and getting Britain back to work.