MCIA public affairs team latest


Chris Hodder, who is part of the MCIA public affairs team, is representing the Association at a seminar on air quality today in London.

The event is being run by the Transport Statistics Users Group, which exists to provide greater access to statistics for those involved in transport planning, use and road safety.

Chris is hoping to gain some insight into the priorities of local authority transport planners with regards to air quality issues.  He will also be on hand to provide up to date information about motorcycle emissions.

The air quality seminar will feature a speaker from the Transport Research Laboratory, who will talk about how emissions are tested and regulated. There will also be a presentation from Transport for London on recent trends in air quality and current and future developments to improve this.

Many small motorcycles and scooters already meet the proposed criteria for an ultra low emission zone and there is an increasing choice of electric motorcycles on the market.

All motorcyclists benefit from being able to filter through traffic, which  helps reduce congestion for all road users.