Motorcycle Off-Road Experience Days


The MCI has announced two “Motorcycle Off-Road Experience” days which have been organised with members of it’s Off-Road Group.  The objective is to create more awareness of the fun and numerous benefits that the sport provides and encourage more people to participate.  

The events are a collaborative venture between manufacturers Honda, Yamaha, KTM, Kawasaki, Husqvarna, Zero Motorcycles and AJP Motos, the organising bodies ACU, AMCA, and BSMA, and the MCI.  
  • The first event on 11th July 2012 at Adstone in Northampton is a media day for approximately 40 members of the press.  The objective is to get journalists from a wide variety of media to give off-road motorcycling a try and then talk about their experiences in articles and blogs.  
  • The second event at the same venue on 15th September 2012 is for 100 members of the public who will be offered free places on a first come first served basis.
  There is every intention of holding similar events in the future if these events are successful.   Email us for more information.

Note: the next meeting of the MCI Off-Road Group is scheduled for 10.30am, 26th July 2012 at the MCI offices in Coventry.