16 year olds urged to look at careers in the motor industry


On the day a million teenagers collect their GCSE results, parents are being encouraged to steer them towards a career in the motor industry.
  The opportunities which exist in this sector will be highlighted through a week long campaign launched by the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI).
  The IMI are challenging the misconception held by many parents; that jobs in the motor trade are ‘back street and low paid’.
  This is certainly a myth for the motorcycle industry, where many jobs pay above national average wages, according to an economic survey commissioned by the MCIA.
  To underline the point, the IMI has estimated the potential earnings of 16 year old that opts for an apprenticeship compared to one who goes to University.  Calculations predict that those who pick vocational training in the motor trade will have earned on average £60,000-£100,000 more than the academic students by the time they are 25. These figures do not include the estimated £55,000 debt that university students will graduate with.
  Steve Nash, CEO of the IMI explained:  “Automotive apprentices can train in top class colleges and in cutting edge facilities.  And for a young apprentice in the motor industry there is the added advantage of earning while they learn. They can work towards one of 150 different job roles, in a well-paid, high tech industry without the worry of shackling themselves with student debt. As an example, qualified technicians can earn more than the UK average wage, £25,000 to £35,000 in most cases.  It is a fantastic option for anyone completing their GCSEs who doesn’t feel that staying on in the classroom is right for them.”
  This campaign comes shortly after the IMI’s call for MPs to licence the automotive retail sector, which would require technicians to hold a license to practice, which 70% of the public wrongly believe is already in place.
  Help spread the word and look out for #MotorCareers over the next few days.