Annual conference


The MCIA's annual conference took place yesterday evening at the NEC (Tuesday 2nd December).

It was very well attended, taking place just after the close of the show.

CEO, Steve Kenward reminded members about the main messages contained within the motorcycle framework and then dispensed with the usual power point format, in favour of an interactive A to Z of what the MCIA has been working on during the past 12 months.

This included specific projects, such as the launch of the Two Wheel Data Centre as well as reminding members of the calendar of regular events, such as Special Member Group meetings, the Motorcycle Off-Road Experience, and networking opportunities.

The contact centre services were also highlighted.  Members were told that it is staffed by a team of experienced motorcyclists and that every penny generated goes back into meeting the MCIA's brief to promote, protect and expand the motorcycle industry for the benefit of members.

The results of the latest member satisfaction survey revealed satisfaction and retention levels are extremely high and that an additional 27 members joined during the last year.

The conference was followed by the AGM.