MCIA backs Ben's latest campaign


The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) is backing the latest awareness building campaign from Ben, the charity which supports the automotive industry.

The charity has released a video telling the story of a motor mechanic named Mark, who explains how Ben supported him following a life changing illness.

Ben helped with advice and support and paid for him to take his family on a weekend break, which marked the beginning of his mental recovery. 

The range of issues which Ben can help with are based on 'four pillars' of health and well-being.  These are physical, mental, financial and social.

An easy to navigate website sets out the many areas in which Ben staff can offer support to individuals and their families who work (or worked) in the automotive industry.

These range from help with debt management to advice about care homes, of which Ben has several.

A previous campaign raised awareness about depression, which affects one in four adults and one in ten children and help in this area is ongoing.

You can find the website here: