David Cameron praises Wheels to Work as part of the governments Big Society


Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin Wheels 2 Work scheme – the first ever of its kind in the country - has been recognised with a Prime Minister’s ‘Big Society’ award. 

The idea behind the awards is to recognise organisations or individuals who have contributed significantly to the good of the local community.  This particular scheme has helped over 2,500 people find a way to travel to work since it began 16 years ago.
  Commenting on the award, Prime Minister David Cameron said: “Wheels to Work does a great job of tackling the basic issue of making sure everyone who needs to travel to a job is able to do so.  This is an invaluable service without which many of these young people would have to move away from their friends and families.  It also helps young people to find employment and stay in the rural villages where they have grown up which is important in maintaining these diverse and vibrant local communities.”
  This recognition comes soon after Minister Richard Benyon endorsed the concept as a “mainstream solution for transport problems” in rural areas, during his keynote speech at the newly formed Wheels to Work Association’s Annual Conference last month.
  Support for Wheels to Work clearly seems to be growing within government, making the newly formed Wheels to Work Association’s goal of helping 12,000 people a year with rural transport, a realistic target.