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National Transport Statistics
The Department for Transport (DfT), provides estimates of the vehicle miles travelled each year in Great Britain, by vehicle type, road category and region. They release both quarterly and annual estimates.
Their geographical website allows users to view and download estimated traffic flows on every link of the ‘A’ road and motorway network in Great Britain. The interactive map provides a mapped background to identify traffic flows in specific areas of the country.
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The National Travel Survey (NTS) is a household survey designed to monitor long-term trends in personal travel and to inform the development of policy. It is the primary source of data on personal travel patterns by residents of England within Great Britain.
The survey collects information on how, why, when and where people travel as well as factors affecting travel (e.g. car availability and driving licence holding).
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This is information on the number and pass rates of driving and riding practical tests conducted in Great Britain for each quarter and also statistics on driving instructors.
The statistics are derived from data held by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), which administers the driving test and training schemes in Great Britain.
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