Heather Greenwood steps down as Chair of the MCITA


After an extended period as Chair of the MCITA, Heather Greenwood has vacated the position and will hand the baton on to a newly elected Chair, yet to be appointed.

The MCITA and the MCI Board are grateful to Heather for the consistent and dedicated service she has put in, coinciding with a turbulent period during which 2 and 3DLD were introduced.  During this time, Heather has ensured that trainers have been well represented, within and beyond the wider motorcycle community.

The MCITA is undergoing some reorganisation, details of which have been sent out to members this week.  

The new MCITA will no longer have a formal committee.  Instead meetings will be open to all MCITA members and will be held at venues around the country in order to widen participation.  The Association will therefore be driven by its members, while retaining a Chair person, who will sit on the MCI board in order to facilitate dialogue between the two Associations.

It is impossible to say who the new Chair will be at the moment, as selection will be through a democratic process, with all members entitled to make nominations and to vote.  In the interim period, Director of Training and Safety, Karen Cole will act as Chair, until a new one is elected.