The MCIA undertakes many initiatives to increase opportunities for motorcycling


MCIA Secured

MCIA Secured has been announced in response to the rise in motorcycle and scooter theft and the significant increase in scooters being used to enable further crime, which has been a particular problem in London.

MCIA Secured is a ‘star rating’ programme, designed to recognise and highlight to buyers which anti-theft devices are fitted or supplied as standard on new motorcycles and scooters.

The MCIA, through its board of directors, has worked closely to create the programme and anticipates that all major manufacturers will join the scheme. The MCIA represents those companies that account for over 94% of the new motorcycle and scooter market in the UK.    

For all participating manufacturers, each model within its range will be scored against the programme criteria and awarded a star for each layer of security fitted as standard, to a maximum of 5 Stars, this will include the following device categories:
  • Steering lock
  • Immobiliser
  • Alarm
  • Tracking device
  • MASTER Security System
This programme incorporates the MASTER Security Scheme launched in 2013. Since the introduction of the MASTER Scheme, large capacity machines fitted with its forensic technology are now six times less likely to be stolen compared to machines that are not included on the MASTER programme.    

Locks and other types of physical security will not be included within the programme although participating manufacturers will be required to ensure their franchised retailers offer locks and other types of security devices at the point of sale as an inclusive part of this initiative.  


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Motorcycle Industry Accreditation Centre (MCIAC)

MCIAC provides IMI accredited training courses for professional motorcycle training schools and their instructors, which are fully endorsed by the DVSA.

The accredited schools meet specific standards which are checked annually and monitored through surveys conducted with every customer.  

MCIAC is core to the Motorcycle Safety and Transport Policy framework, the industry strategy that will unleash the opportunities for motorcycling, supported by National Police Chiefs Council and Highways England.

A national network of accredited schools is being developed that will offer consistently high standards of training and customer care. This will encourage more to take up motorcycling and improve the safety of riders on the roads.

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MASTER Security Scheme

The MASTER (Motorcycle and Scooter Tagged Equipment Register) Scheme is the industry’s official motorcycle security and registration scheme, backed by police, to help combat the problem of motorcycle theft.  

Since July 2012, all new road bikes over 125cc, manufactured or imported by supporting MCIA members, have been sold marked, tagged, registered and traceable by the MASTER Security Scheme.

Motorcycles are marked using a number of different technologies, which are impossible for thieves to detect.

Recent statistics show that MASTER protected motorcycles are 6 times less likely to be stolen than those that are not*.  The Scheme will continue to reduce motorcycle theft as the motorcycle parc of marked machines increases over time.

* Figures suppled by the Motorcycle Crime Reduction Group, September 2017

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Buy With Confidence

The MCIA's Buy With Confidence Programme has been developed to provide peace of mind to customers purchasing a new motorcycle, scooter or moped manufactured or imported by a Member of the MCIA.

A Code of Practice sets minimum standards customers should expect when purchasing a new machine and the after sales support provided.

It gives assurances that:

  • Motorcycles, scooters and mopeds have received the proper safety checks, are fit for purpose and match the expectations set through pre-sales advertising
  • Member manufacturers and importers will meet all the obligations contained in the MCIA's Code of Practice, as a minimum standard
If a dispute should occur, there is a complaints process and if necessary an independent CTSI approved Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service which can conciliate to draw matters to a conclusion.

Participation within the Buy With Confidence programme is a mandatory requirement for all manufacturing and importing Members.

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