'Less hating and more loving those on bikes say Hello Magazine.


Motorcycle communities have an unlikely ally in the online version of celebrity magazine Hello this month, with a feature inspired by the newly formed Wheels to Work Association.

Although some of the finer details were a little muddled, namely describing Wheels to Work as a ‘scheme set up by the MCI’ – the sentiment was laudable.
  The article talked about how annoying bikers are, in slipping through traffic easily, but quite rightly identified the source of such annoyance – i.e. motorists are just jealous!
  It went on to highlight the more serious solution that Wheels to Work offers people living in rural areas, with no access to suitable public transport.  It also acknowledged how biking reduced congestion for everyone using the roads.
  Steve Kenward, Acting CEO was delighted with the article, “It’s fantastic that Wheels to Work got to an audience which might not normally consider the social benefits of motorcycling.  The article also recognises the fact that rebalancing the composition of traffic with a shift towards motorcycling reduces congestion for everyone, and will perhaps inspire more of the rich and famous to join us on motorcycles”.