Loan of bike needed for life saving volunteers


A volunteer group, which helps the NHS by transporting life saving medical care, needs an additional motorcycle, to expand its services.

Bloodfast Emergency Volunteer Service assists the Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire NHS Trust with ‘out of hours’ transportation of organs, specimens, samples, urgent medical notes, breast milk, prescription drugs and equipment.  The service currently has just one motorcycle in its fleet and would like to secure the loan of a second bike to increase flexibility. The appeal for a loan is being led by recently retired police Sergeant, Chris Hood, who was part of the motorcycle division within the Humberside Police.  Karen Cole, Safety Director of the MCI says “Chris was well known within the BikeSafe community and through helping at MCI test days.  He is now involved in this incredibly important resource and hopes that a manufacturer or dealer will be able to provide a new or used bike. ” As an advanced rider, Chris is well placed to explain why motorcycles are particularly well suited to this kind of service.  “The benefits of motorcycles are obvious,” says Chris, “they can get through traffic quickly when needed and this means we can offer a really efficient service, which is important when lives can be at risk.” Chris added that “There will be plenty of room for a sponsor’s logo on any bike, and Bloodfast would be happy to help promote a sponsor in return for a loan.” Anyone who is in a position to help with the loan of a new or used bike should contact the MCI’s Karen Cole.