MCI applaud cut in cost to theory test


MCI welcomes proposals to cut the cost of a motorcycle theory test, which was proposed this week, with the opening of a DVSA public consultation.
  This could see the cost of a motorcycle theory test fall by 25%.  The cost is currently £31, which could reduce to £25 in October of this year, with a further fall to £23 during October 2015.
  Karen Cole, Safety and Training Director for the Motorcycle Industry Association says this is a move in the right direction:
  “We are keen to see any reduction in the cost of testing, as we would like to see riders who start with a CBT to progress to taking a test, which will expand their riding skills. The theory test is the first stage of that process and reducing it to £23 helps make it more affordable.”
  This is part of a government commitment to reduce the cost of motoring, which also seems to include motorcycling.  
  The consultation will run until the 15th May and is open to anyone.  See here for details of how to comment.