MCI launch 'Industry Induction Days'


The motorcycle industry can seem like a foreign world to those who have never encountered it before. There’s a vast array of choice and type, not to mention the ever changing legislative framework which permeates many different branches of the industry.

For the businesses that operate within, it is vital that new recruits are bought up to speed quickly and with accurate information. They need a sound grasp of the issues and challenges, as well as an appreciation of the practicalities of gaining a licence and riding a powered two wheeler.
  Recognising a gap for such training and with a wealth of in-house knowledge at its disposal, the MCI has recently developed ‘industry induction days’ as a member benefit, aimed at those who have little or no knowledge of the motorcycle sector.
  These days focus on two main elements of motorcycling – an overview of the structure of the industry and what’s involved in riding and owning a bike; providing a complete overview in just one day.
  Where companies have larger groups of attendees, induction days can be delivered at member premises. For smaller groups or individuals, there are a regular days scheduled to be run at the MCI’s offices in Coventry. The Induction Days are offered completely free to members who attend sessions at the MCI, and when held at member premises, a small charge is made for travelling expenses.

Reaction to the introduction of this new service has been highly positive, with a number of bookings already taken.
  The first Induction Day was held in May as part of a Groupama training programme for a large group of claims handlers. Sandra Cole, Membership Manager and Steve Kenward, CEO visited the company’s headquarters in Portsmouth in May 2013.   
  Bauer, KTM and Pirelli Tyres will be the next to take advantage of the training for their staff and on January 29th 2014, MCI will visit Michelin Tyres in Stoke; the company has kindly offered places to other MCI members who are based near its premises and would like to attend its state of the art training facilities.
  There are a number of scheduled induction days at the MCI’s Coventry premises running on the following Wednesday’s over the coming months. These are 2nd October, 29th January (at Michelin Tyres Stoke), 23rd April 2014, 16th July 2014, 22nd October 2014 and 28th January 2015.
  To book on, please contact Sandra Cole.
  What do ‘Induction Days’ actually cover?
  • The induction seminars last a whole day, typically between 10am and 4pm.
  • The day starts with an ‘introduction to the Motorcycle Industry Association’. This explains how the Association is organised and who works within it. It also sets out the MCI’s objectives, work and initiatives and how to get most value from membership.
  • What’s involved in ‘getting on two wheels’ covers everything from why people ride - to getting started with Get On. The route to obtaining a motorcycle licence is illustrated with an easy to understand explanation of licence categories under 3DLD, while important safety aspects, such as clothing and skills development are also featured in this session.
  • For the non-motorcyclist, the practicalities of owning a bike and getting to grips with motorcycle cultures can be somewhat impenetrable, but these are debunked in a section covering ‘buying a bike and bike ownership’. This simplifies the seemingly complicated choice of styles, where to buy a motorcycle from, the ethos of customisation, while also tackling the issue of motorcycle theft and its deterrents.
  • The ‘motorcycle sport’ segment reveals little known facts and figures before taking a look at off-road bikes, sporting disciplines and the current market, followed by a look at road racing competitions and track days.
  • Industry structure’ is another essential part of any motorcycle education. Stake-holder groups, market composition and contextualising the UK market within a wider European picture is also covered. The threats and opportunities within ‘the market environment’ are explored too, which encompasses the political, social, environmental and economic arguments surrounding the promotion of PTWs.