MCI launches Manufacturing Project


A project which aims to give a voice to the UK’s motorcycle manufacturing industry has been launched by the MCI.  

In addition to those who produce entire motorcycles, such as Triumph, Norton, CCM and Mettise, the MCI has identified around 100 companies, which manufacture a diverse range of products for the industry.  These include components, clothing, covers, exhausts, adventure parts, helmets,  aftermarket parts, as well as companies specialising in research and design.
  The project, which is being coordinated by Phil Neale, aims to represent the views of the UK’s motorcycle manufacturing industry to Government, having established a number of common key concerns.  These include taxation, EU legislation, bureaucracy and employment issues.
  There will be a PR launch shortly, which will explain the original impetus for the project.  This dates back initially to the fire at the Motorcycle Museum in 2003, when renovation of fire damaged bikes uncovered a surprising number of existing businesses in the Midlands and inspired some new ones.  A robust manufacturing industry was more formally confirmed in the MCI’s economic survey in 2010, which has been added to and updated by Phil’s survey (see download below).