MCI meetings and events scheduled


The MCI has released its meeting schedule to April 2015, to give members plenty of notice about Special Member Group meetings and events in the pipeline.

New events will be scheduled over the coming months and members will be kept informed.  The Events Schedule is attached here and details are also recorded in the Events Diary section of the MCI website.

A reminder that the next round of MCI Special Member Group meetings will take place in September 2013 as follows:
  • eMCI - 3rd September 2013
  • Service Providers - 9th September 2013
  • Manufacturers and Importers - 11th September 2013
  • Accessory and Component Suppliers - 12th September 2013
  • Off Road - 26th September 2013
  MCI members with ideas for new event offerings or improvement suggestions are asked to contact Sandra Cole, Membership Manager.