MCI offering free biker breakfasts as part of its National Ride to Work Day initiative


Today (17 June)  is National Ride to Work Day; a day devoted to getting bikers to use their motorcycles to commute on, instead of just riding for leisure.

As an incentive, motorcycle dealers and places of work are offering bikers breakfast and VIP parking and in the case of some employers – giving non motorcycling staff the chance to try it out for the first time, courtesy of Get On.  Get On is the industry initiative to give people their first taste of motorcycling for free.
  The Coventry based Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI), which is responsible for bringing Ride to Work to the UK, is offering a free bikers breakfast on Monday morning between 7 and 10 am.
  There are good reasons to commute via a powered two wheeler.  Motorcycles and scooters are perfect for travelling to work and some new models can do up to 160 mpg!  They are free from congestion charges, can use some bus lanes and you can usually park much closer to your destination and often for free.  As a consequence bikers save an average of 300 hours a year off their commute and tend to appear among the happiest in surveys about travelling to work.

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