MCI to publish information about motorcycle compatibility with E10 fuel


The MCI is gathering information from its members on the compatibility of their models with E10 fuel, due to be introduced into some petrol stations early this year.

This information will be published as a public facing page on the Association’s website, as soon as all manufacturers have returned their details, which are being collated, by Tom Waterer.
  The introduction of E10 comes as part of a package of government initiatives to reduce global warming and reliance on fossil fuel supplies and there is no legal requirement for the current fuel to be available after December 2013.
  While this change in petrol specification is not as significant as the introduction of unleaded petrol, it may have some serious implications for older cars and motorcycles, as ethanol may attack some materials.  The owners of classic bikes are advised to carry on using ‘legacy fuel’ until establishing what they need to do to adapt their bikes.
    General advice on the options on preventing damage from E10 can be found here and model specific advice for member’s bikes will follow early this year.