MCIA establishes provisional Brexit position


Following three MCIA Brexit Special Member Group meetings, the Association has established a provisional position.  MCIA believes that if this is achieved, the Motorcycle sector in the UK would be in the best possible position in a post Brexit world. Before committing to this position publicly the MCIA is consulting with members.

The position for consideration is summarised below, and a comprehensive detailed document can be downloaded.  Comments, from all industry are welcomed, using the online data harvesting tool MCIA – BREXIT position statement – provisional for Member consideration only.

The Motorcycle Industry calls upon the Government, as it prepares for the UK to leave the EU, to ensure that:
  • the UK completely leaves the EU,
  • a suitable Free Trade Agreement is prepared to continue barrier free trade with our European partners and their trading partners once the UK is completely removed from the EU.
The Motorcycle Industry further calls upon the Government, whilst negotiating free trade agreements with future partners, to put in place specific transitional arrangements to be reviewed after 5 years, which will ensure that:
  •  businesses can continue to secure EU labour in an uncomplicated manner without additional costs,
  • customs rules are simple and do not require additional administration and bureaucracy,
  • trade with the EU remains tariff-free,
  • the rights to move goods and services throughout Europe are retained.
The Motorcycle Industry urges the Government to progress its plans via the so-called ‘Great Repeal Bill’ to adopt all EU legislation as UK legislation, repealing that which is not, or ceases to be applicable over time as the UK’s status changes.