MCIA staff attend awards to identify this year's most innovative road safety projects


Staff from the Motorcycle Industry Association attended the Prince Michael Awards in London today, where the world's best road safety initiatives are recognised each year.

CEO Tony Campbell, Framework Manager Jenny Luckman and Safety and Training Director Karen Cole were all present to see which projects have captured the attention of the judges. 

Karen Cole is also a director and motorcycle expert for Prince Michael's international road safety charity RoadSafe, which stages the awards and she is part of the team which identifies the winners.
This year’s winners included an Australian project to reduce powered two wheeler crashes across the globe, through good road design and management.  The Vic Roads/Safe System Pty Ltd was developed to incorporate Safe Systems principals and to specifically raise awareness of the vulnerability of riders and how this can be mitigated through road design, construction and maintenance. 

The programme is being taught to traffic engineers, road designers and road operations managers, throughout 2500 university courses world-wide.

The work of the RAC Foundation was also recognised for commissioning two significant reports which have changed professional understanding of young driver behaviour. A full list of winners can be found on the RoadSafe website.