Most popular bikes by brand and size


MCIA new registration statistics show that Yamaha sold more new bikes than any other brand during July and interestingly Yamaha hit the top spot for insurance quotes for new bikes a few months earlier, during April, May and June, according to the Quarter 2 (Q2) report from the Two Wheel Data Centre.

As 'shoppers' is one of the categories by which Two Wheel Data Centre reports can be filtered, it is possible to anticipate interest for particular brands or models.  ‘Shoppers’ are customers who are investigating the cost of insuring a particular bike, but don't yet own it.

The Q2 report shows that 2252 riders sought quotes for their new Yamahas during this period, the largest number by brand and an increase of 17.3% compared to the same time last year. 

Lexmoto saw the largest percentage increase of insurance quotes by brand, up 54% on the same time last year, with 1886 unique quotes and a year to date increase of 78.4%.

  When this data is broken down by model, there were nine models which saw an increase in interest for quotes for Q2, compared to the same period last year, four of which were Lexmoto bikes, 3 Hondas, 1 Yamaha and 1 Sinnis.  The three most popular models for which quotes were sought were:
  1. YAMAHA YZF-R125 ABS (2014-Onwards)
  2. HONDA CB 125 F (2015-Onwards)
  3. LEXMOTO ADRENALINE 125 XFLM125GY-2B (2014-Onwards)

Everything is up, apart from mopeds
For new bikes, there has been an increase in quotes for all sized bikes, apart from those between 0-50cc.  The decline in interest in new mopeds also seems to be evident in the used market too.  Those looking for insurance for both new and used mopeds reduced during Q2 and this may be an increasing trend, since there was an even bigger reduction in the number of ‘shoppers’.     All MCIA members have free access to the Two Wheel Data Centre and the next paid for quarterly report for July, August and September is due out in October.  Please contact Heather Brown for more details