Motorcycle Off-Road Experience - places snapped up!


Motorcycle Off-Road Experience event registration opened today, giving members of the public the chance to try off-road sport for free; and the response was overwhelming - 100 places went as soon as registration went live at 9am.

Registration was on a first come, first served basis, which was felt to be the fairest way to allocate spaces for the event, which takes place at Adstone, Northamptonshire on Saturday 15th September. Those who’ve missed out are encouraged to join the waiting list.  They will also be first to be informed about similar events in the future. You can read more about the event, arranged by members of the MCI (AJP, Honda, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, KTM, Yamaha and Zero electric motorcycles) at  Anyone wishing to register for the waiting list can follow the Registration links from the site. Email us for more information on the Motorcycle Off-Road Experience.