Motorcycles are the solution. Now what's the problem?


Members and associates of the Motorcycle Industry Association gathered yesterday to hear how the industry is gearing up to promote motorcycling as a ‘solution’ to transport problems.
  “Public transport and road networks are already showing the strain at current population levels,” explained Steve Kenward CEO “and these are set to get far worse, in line with population increase.”   “The UK needs to find an alternative to the current transport mix and we want motorcycles to play a larger part in that”, he explained.   The estimated cost of congestion to the UK economy varies, ranging from £4.4 billion up to £25 billion and motorcycles are known to help keep traffic moving.  Delegates heard how a study in Belgium showed that when just 10% of single occupant car drivers swapped to a powered two wheeler (PTW), congestion was cut for all road users by 40%. When 25% of drivers swapped to a PTW congestion was eliminated altogether.   Delegates also heard how the MCI has been working on a number of long term plans to identify and overcome barriers to entry – a major one being the perception of safety. Footage was shown from the recent safety conference, which was jointly organised by the Association of Chief Police Officers and the MCI in conjunction with the Department for Transport.  It explored compelling evidence that more motorcycles could result in increased safety.   ‘Industry Day’ is a biannual event, giving members the chance to survey the full spectrum of the Association’s work.  The MCI represents around 85% of the supply side of motorcycling, as well as insurers, financiers, road safety bodies, riders groups and even motorcycle holiday providers.