Opportunity to give your opinions on apprenticeship funding reform


The Government is looking for the views of employers with regard to how funding for apprenticeships should be administrated.

This follows on from findings of entrepreneur Doug Richard’s independent review on Apprenticeships in England, completed in March of this year.  The report advised the relationship between apprentice and employer should be at the core of a modern apprenticeship, rather than being part of a more centralised system of training. The Government also favours a less centralised model for funding of apprenticeships and wants to make identification of training needs as flexible as possible.  The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) feels the only way that this can be done is by directing funding through the end user – the employer.  BIS is therefore looking for employers to consider three options for funding:
  • a new online system for apprenticeships with payments to employers made directly from the system
  • a system with utilises the PAYE system
  • reforming the existing provider funding infrastructure
  A questionnaire to give your opinion on these options can be completed either online or posted and can be downloaded by clicking here.

It should be completed and returned by 25th September 2013.