Parc inc Used Transactions

Good quality information about the circulating Parc is much sought after.


Good quality information about the circulating Parc is much sought after. The MCIA have been working with data experts Experian, using our combined expertise to create the best quality data set available.

MCIA Members can access two summary reports. Alternatively the below dimensions can be used to answer specific questions ie for public affairs or relations reasons via the MCIA. Bespoke brand analysis, territory reporting or enhanced reporting such as Mosaic etc. will be via Experian. Please contact the Stats Team for further information. Non-MCIA Members can find basic Parc data in the Pocket Guide.
Vehicle Dimensions
  • Make name
  • Model series
  • Manufacturer’s Country (Brand origin)
  • Vehicle type
  • Style
  • Engine capacity/band
  • Colour
  • Import
  • Tax class
  • Fuel type
  • New or Used
Time Dimensions
  • Ability to compare quarter against quarter
  • Age of vehicle
  • Year and Month of acquisition
  • Length of ownership
  • Year and Month of first registration
Keepers Dimensions
  • Current & Previous Keepers
  • Gender
  • Postcode (Area, District, Sector, County, Country)
  • Number of previous keepers
VED Licence Dimensions
  • Current Licence Type
  • Current Licence Period
Additional Information
  • Mosaic data can be appended by Experian
  • CTR reports can be created by Experian
  • Rank
  • % change on a previous period
  • Market share
  • Top 10’s, 20’s etc

NB Due to the anonymised nature of the DVLA data, it is not possible to track any one machine between quarters.

For more information please contact Statistics