Press Release: BikeSafe clients encouraged to take off-road training


BikeSafe is partnering with Kawasaki to offer a bespoke off-road skills course, which will help improve road riding.

The BikeSafe Off Road Skills Course will be delivered by Kawasaki Off Road Experience trainers, who include Mick Extance - former Paris-Dakar competitor and motocross champion Lee Dunham. The course will be offered initially in 5 UK locations, with extra ones added in time.  In addition to the usual fun guaranteed in taking part in an off-road experience day, the BikeSafe Off-Road Skills Course will cover areas such as:
  • Fine brake and clutch control
  • Riding on slippery surfaces
  • Body positioning
  • Ascent and descent control
National BikeSafe Coordinator Glen Dennis explained: “Off-road riding offers lots of opportunities to control a machine in conditions you generally hope to avoid on public highways.  We believe skills learned off-road are invaluable for road riders and will enhance a road rider’s ability to deal with unexpected road conditions”. The course is available to those who hold a full motorcycle licence and includes hire of the bike, plus any safety equipment.  It costs £200 for a full day’s tuition and riding, with a 10% discount for people who have done a BikeSafe assessment. Riders will receive an accreditation certificate signed by Kawasaki and Bikesafe upon successful completion of the one day course. Mark Spiller, Marketing Manager for Kawasaki Motors UK commented.

“We are very happy to work alongside BikeSafe on this forward thinking and important initiative. At Kawasaki we are passionate about both off-roading and road safety and this combines the fun of dirt riding with practical safety benefits for road riders”. You can see a short video about the courses here:   You can find out more from the BikeSafe Kawasaki Off-Road Skills Course website:   ENDS   For further information email:   Editor’s Notes:   You can see the new BikeSafe website here:  
  • 31 UK police forces run BikeSafe workshops which are booked centrally by the Motorcycle Industry Association through its contact centre in Coventry.
  • Around 3900 riders took a BikeSafe workshop last year.
  • BikeSafe is about ‘bridging the gap’ to post test training, providing an assessment to highlight areas the rider needs to work on.  There are several routes to post test training, which include: