Press Release: Dates and venue announced for Motorcycle Off-Road Experience 2014


The group behind the Motorcycle Off-Road Experience (MORE) is giving another 400 people the chance to try off-road riding for the first time.

A four day mini ‘try out’ festival will be held at the AMCA’s track - Bevercotes in Nottinghamshire, between Friday June 20th and Monday June 23rd.
  Places for either a morning or afternoon session will be allocated again on a first come first served basis with booking via an online system, run by the MCI’s contact centre, which will go live at 10am Saturday 10th May.
  A charge of just £25 will be made for each booking, which includes all equipment, training and bikes. 
  It is advisable that people book as soon as registration opens, as most places for last year went within the first sixty minutes of going live.
  A dedicated website explains the formula of the event and introduces the trainers, manufacturers and sporting bodies behind it.
  Background The group behind MORE includes Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Yamaha, Suzuki, plus off-road sporting bodies AMCA, ACU and BSMA with project management provided by the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI).  They are all members of the MCI’s Off-Road Special Member Group, which is where the idea for MORE was conceived.   Having recognised a lack of opportunity for people to try off-road riding in a safe and structured way, the group is keen to repeat the formula which involves pooling kit, top class bikes and trainers, many of who have had international riding careers, including 3 times World Champion Dave Thorpe.   What’s different to previous years?
  • The day for ‘live’ registration has been moved to a Saturday instead of a weekday, to make it easier for people who work during the week to register.
  • The venue has been moved further north to Nottinghamshire (last year it was in Northamptonshire), to make it more accessible for people living in Scotland and the north of England, though it is open to anyone from any part of the UK over the age of 16
  Howard Dale, General Manager of Kawasaki, who leads the MORE group as Chair of the MCI’s Off-Road Special Member Group explained why the manufacturers involved are willing to subsidise the event: “A survey of last year’s participants showed how much fun the event was with 98% stating there should be further MORE events and 97% intending to do more off-road riding.  A lot of people clearly got the off-road bug, with a third taking further training, and over 1 in 10 buying their own bike.  We were convinced there was a demand for an event such as this and our research confirmed this.”  
Sandra Cole, Membership Manager for the MCI project manages the event:
“We had a lot of people who lived in the north of England and Scotland asking for an event nearer to them, which is why we’ve moved further north.”
  “And we decided to ‘go live’ on a Saturday rather than during the week, so that people who were at work last year have a fair chance at getting a place for 2014.
  “To get a place, you need to aged over 16 and ready to register via the internet at 10am on Saturday 10th May, but like last year there will be a waiting list, which is worth joining as a few spaces always become available nearer the date.”
  Trainers include: Dave Thorpe for Honda, Mick Extance for Kawasaki, Ady Smith for KTM, Neil Prince for Suzuki and Barry Johnson for Yamaha.   Updates about the event will be announced on the MORE Facebook page:   Facebook comments on past MORE events   John Underdown: Spent Sunday on ebay looking for a beat up MX to practice on.... Manny Moo Moo: I had a great time, first a 15 min intro at Kawasaki world and now you guys just convinced me MX is the way forward. Russell Hawkins: Thanks hugely for a fantastic experience. All you guys are a credit to your sport! Special thanks to the crew at KTM for keeping us all safe! Well worth the ride down from Liverpool, can't wait for the pictures! Katherine Penfold: Awesome day! Thanks so much to all the guys for making it so much fun and keeping us safe, especially the Honda team for the help and encouragement
I have muscles aching today where I didn't even know I had muscles!! Johnny Bravo:  Thank you. It was A W E S O M E!!!  My legs are still aching & I'm still smiling like a madman Anna Adshead: Thanks to everyone on the Suzuki team - had a really great time (once I'd overcome the initial nerves.......) Nathan Beahan:  Absolutely fantastic experience morning ... I'd say you've hooked in more than a few people to the world of off-roading! Lucy Stiles:  Thank you so much everyone! Team Yamaha rule. X Ian Broughton: Still got the grin!
  For more information contact: 
Editors Notes
  • MORE was conceived by a sub-section of the MCI’s Off-Road group – which includes major manufacturers and off-road sporting bodies. The group’s objective is to introduce off-road riding to a new audience.
  • The event was trialed in September 2012 to overwhelming success.  It was expanded from 1 day to 4 and from 100 places to 400 in 2013.
  • Motorcycle off-road sport provides exciting opportunities for riders to pit themselves against a variety of physical challenges and is suitable for people of all ages, male and female, providing the most economical route to competitive motorsport. 
  • 1.7 million spectators watch around 55,000 riders attend an average of over 4000 off-road events a year.  These range from schoolboy motocross to high level competitions such as the Maxxis British Motocross Championships.
  • In addition to the sheer thrill offered by off-roading, it performs a number of social functions – especially in promoting family cohesion.  There is a vibrant social life surrounding off-road sport and many parents say their participation provides one of the few contexts where teenagers are willing to socialise with their parents. 
  • There are economic benefits too, as well as increasing leisure opportunities in rural areas. Off-road sport contributes three-quarters of a billion pounds a year to the UK economy, which boosts the rural economy.  See the MCI’s Policy Framework for Motorcycling.
  • The advantages of motorcycle sport are currently being championed through the Motorcycle Sport Political Strategy Group – a collaboration between the MCI and off road sporting bodies; details of which are available on the MCI website.
  • The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI) is a trade association representing 85 % of the supply side of the UK motorcycle industry.  It was formed over 100 years ago.