Press Release: More motorcycles could reduce casualties? - Report from MCI/ACPO safety conference


A closed conference of invited guests in a position to influence road safety and transport policy took place on Monday 11th November at the Department for Transport Offices (DfT) in London.

This was organised by the MCI and the Association of Chief Police Officers in conjunction with the DfT as a means of exploring the call for ‘bigger thinking’ regarding motorcycle safety alongside the proposition that ‘More motorcycles could reduce casualties’, which was the title of the conference.
  Whilst there have been a number of valuable one-off road safety initiatives in the past which have helped motorcycle casualties fall year on year, motorcyclists still represent 19% of all serious or fatal accidents, despite being just 1% of road traffic. The industry wants this to change and the conference marks the beginning of a process to help this happen.  Steve Kenward, CEO of the MCI and David Griffin - Deputy Chief Constable of Humberside Police and the ACPO lead for motorcycle safety, jointly led the conference.
  “The evidence that more motorcycles on the road would reduce causalities is compelling”, explained Steve Kenward.
  “Motorcycling has a huge amount to offer UK plc, with urban congestion set to get much worse, unless we think radically about how people move around our town’s and cities.  This is just the beginning of a process, so watch this space in the coming months.”
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