Press Release: MCI identify a strong public appetite to try motorcycle off-road riding


All 400 spaces for the Motorcycle Off-Road Experience (MORE) went within a few hours of registration going live, with 341 spaces going within the first sixty minutes.

The sessions are for members of the public to try off-road riding for the first time for a nominal fee of £15 at a four day festival in June. Registration was via an online booking system through the MCI’s contact centre, which began taking reservations from 9am on Thursday 16th of May on a first come first served basis.  MORE was conceived by a sub-section of the MCI’s Off-Road group – which includes major manufacturers and off-road sporting bodies. The group’s objective is to introduce off-road riding to a new audience. The event was trialled in September last year to overwhelming success, which is why it was repeated and expanded from 1 day to 4 and from 100 places to 400. Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Yamaha and Suzuki are pooling resources to provide bikes, kit and world class training over a four day period between 13th and 16th of June. This was the first time the MCI’s commercial contact centre had staged an event with a live registration deadline and MCI Contact Centre Supervisor, Neil Brown was thrilled with the outcome: “It was a bit like mission control at Houston just before 9 am.  We were all standing around nervously, but once we hit the hour, the registration pages were filling up and the system worked like clockwork.  The spaces could have been filled twice over within two hours.” Howard Dale, General Manager for Kawasaki and Chairman of the MCI’s Off-Road Group, which has organised the event, says:  “We were overwhelmed by the response.  We suspected the places might go quickly like last year, but we weren’t sure 400 places would go quite as fast as they did.  “We have clearly identified a huge demand for this type of event.  People are obviously very interested in off-road riding, but don’t know how to get started and if last year’s event was anything to go by, once people try it – they’re hooked!” Steve Kenward, CEO of the MCI: “The MCI is delighted in the interest this event has generated.  Off-road motorcycling is the most accessible route to taking part in motorsport and the opportunity this day offers has clearly captured the imagination of a lot of people keen to try it for themselves for the first time”.  Those who’ve missed out, should still join the waiting list.  It is highly likely some spaces will become available nearer the date and anyone who registers is in with a chance of winning an off-road holiday with Trailblazer-pro in Spain, as well as getting tickets for the Dirt Bike Show at a reduced price, only available to those who register. They will also be informed first about similar events in the future. People who would like to add their names to the list should follow the registration link via: ENDS   For more information contact: Stevie Muir Tel. 07989 378597                     Email: Editors Notes MORE was conceived by members of the MCI’s Off-Road group – which includes manufacturers and sporting bodies. The group’s objective is to introduce off-road riding to a new audience. Motorcycle off-road sport provides exciting opportunities for riders to pit themselves against a variety of physical challenges and is suitable for people of all ages, male and female, providing the most economical route to competitive motorsport.  1.7 million spectators watch around 55,000 riders attend an average of over 4000 off-road events a year.  These range from schoolboy motocross to high level competitions such as the Maxxis British Motocross Championships. In addition to the sheer thrill offered by off-roading, it performs a number of social functions – especially in promoting family cohesion.  There is a vibrant social life surrounding off-road sport and many parents say their participation provides one of the few contexts where teenagers are willing to socialise with their parents.  There are economic benefits too, as well as increasing leisure opportunities in rural areas. Off-road sport contributes three-quarters of a billion pounds a year to the UK economy, which boosts the rural economy.  See the MCI’s Policy Framework for Motorcycling. The advantages of motorcycle sport are currently being championed through the Motorcycle Sport Political Strategy Group – a collaboration between the MCI and off road sporting bodies, details of which are available on the MCI website. The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI) is a trade association representing 90 % of the supply side of the UK motorcycle industry.  It was formed over 100 years ago.