Press Release: Major manufacturers and top trainers join forces to give 400 people an off road riding experience


Members of the Motorcycle Industry Association’s off-road group are repeating and expanding last year’s highly successful Motorcycle Off-Road Experience (MORE) event, with the number of ‘experience’ days increasing from 1 to 4 and the number of people who can take part from 100 to 400!


So far confirmed are Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki and Yamaha who will provide world class trainers, their latest bikes and all safety clothing to give the best possible introduction to off-road riding. This will take place at an established AMCA site in Northampton, with the help of the bodies which regulate off-road sport – AMCA, ACU and BSMA.
  The Motorcycle Off-Road Experience is open to anyone, male or female over the age of 16, who is new to off-road riding.   A nominal fee of £15 covers riding, tuition and kit for either a morning or afternoon session.
  Registration is via MORE’s dedicated website  Registration goes live Thursday 16th May at 9am
  “People should register as quickly as possible, as places for last year’s event went within a couple of hours”, said Howard Dale, chair of the group which organises MORE.  “The speed at which last year’s places went convinced us we should expand this event to four days but don’t give up if you’re not instantly successful”, he went on, “there will be a waiting list and everyone who registers with the site will be entered into a draw to win an off-road break in Southern Spain with Trailblazers-Pro.”
  The response to last year’s event was phenomenal and can be seen on a video which captures the excitement and enthusiasm experienced by those lucky enough to attend. There is also a Facebook page ‘Motorcycle Off-Road Experience’, which is another good place to find out what previous attendees thought of their day  See
  People featured describe their experience as “exhilarating”, “inspiring”, “phenomenal” and “addictive”.  The quality of the instruction, as well as the friendliness of instructors was praised, along with the opportunity to try bikes by different manufacturers.  One rider summed up his experience: “After a few laps you want to go out and buy a bike, buy the kit and go out and do it every weekend.” 
  This event is likely to attract a good mix of people, with varying levels of riding skill.  The event is not aimed at current off-road riders, but a fairly large number of people attending last year had ridden road bikes before, though some had never been on a bike of any sort.  Others had just done a CBT and 30% of places went to women.
  This four day festival will take place between Thursday 13th June and Sunday 16th, which includes Father’s Day
  In brief – riders will:
  • Experience the thrill of off road riding for a morning or afternoon.
  • Take instruction from the UK’s top trainers, including three times world champion – Dave Thorpe.
  • Ride a variety of the best bikes from top manufacturers Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki and Yamaha.
  • Have all equipment, bikes and training included in a nominal fee of £15
   Editors Notes
  MORE was conceived by members of the MCI’s Off-Road group – which includes manufacturers and sporting bodies. The group’s objective is to introduce off-road riding to a new audience.
  Motorcycle off-road sport provides exciting opportunities for riders to pit themselves against a variety of physical challenges and is suitable for people of all ages, male and female, providing the most economical route to competitive motorsport. 
  1.7 million spectators watch around 55,000 riders attend an average of over 4000 off-road events a year.  These range from schoolboy motocross to high level competitions such as the Maxxis British Motocross Championships.
  In addition to the sheer thrill offered by off-roading, it performs a number of social functions – especially in promoting family cohesion.  There is a vibrant social life surrounding off-road sport and many parents say their participation provides one of the few contexts where teenagers are willing to socialise with their parents. 
  There are economic benefits too, as well as increasing leisure opportunities in rural areas. Off-road sport contributes three-quarters of a billion pounds a year to the UK economy, which boosts the rural economy.  See the MCI’s Policy Framework for Motorcycling.
  The advantages of motorcycle sport are currently being championed through the Motorcycle Sport Political Strategy Group – a collaboration between the MCI and off road sporting bodies, details of which are available on the MCI website.
  The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI) is a trade association representing 90 % of the supply side of the UK motorcycle industry.  It was formed over 100 years ago.