Press Release: Which is the fastest electric vehicle - a motorcycle or a car?


This will be put to the test on a Gadget Show special on April 1st, when eMCI member Zero pits its 2012 ‘S’ model against an electric Smart car.

The results of a 60 - 70 mile long ‘race’ around the Brecon Beacons in Wales will be aired on Bank Holiday Monday at 8 pm on Channel 5.  Though the show’s production team is not releasing news of who won just yet!
   Whatever the outcome – we believe there are huge advantages to riding electric motorcycles or scooters over cars.  They include all the benefits of using a powered two-wheeler - no congestion charge, use of some bus lanes and quicker journey times and there is an expanding choice of models and ranges – some of which are high performance.  The initial purchase price is lower (some start from a few thousand pounds) and are therefore much more affordable to a wider range of people.    Charging is much easier too.  Electric motorcycles use domestic plugs, so can be charged at home or work, without special charging infrastructure.  The Zero models can also use the fast charge technology available to cars, though, allowing a bike to be charged to 95% power in just an hour. 
   Running costs are very low, estimated to be a penny a mile, which is equivalent to around 500mpg. 
  eMCI members with electric motorcycles or scooters on the market include Zero, Vectrix, Agility Motors, Yamaha and Rieju.   Prices for a small electric scooter start at around £2500 and go up to around £14,000 for a high performance motorcycle.  There are also other eMCI members with alternative powered motorcycles or scooters in the development or concept stage.
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  •  The Zero 2012 ‘S’ model (the one featured on the Gadget Show) costs £9000, has a top speed of 88 mph, a range of 114 miles and is updated with a 2013 version this month, which has a top speed of 95 mph, an extended range of 137 miles, which can also be recharged to 95% in just an hour.
  • The Saietta R by Agility Motors can do 0 – 60 mph in 4 seconds.
  • The eMCI is a sister organisation to the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI), and was formed to bring together stakeholders with a varied interest in developing the sector, including those concerned with power, technology, finance, insurance and of course manufacturers.
  • The use of motorcycles, particularly for commuting can save time and money.  They are beneficial to the environment, journey times are quicker, there is no congestion charge for motorcyclists, they are more socially inclusive (particularly in rural areas, where there is little or no public transport) and they do less damage to the roads than larger vehicles.