Press Release: 90 % of respondents recommend joining the MCI


This year’s member satisfaction survey is one of the best ever, with an overwhelming number of respondents willing to recommend the MCI to others.  This figure was 100 % for service providers, up from 86 % for the same time last year.

Value for money and year on year improvements seemed to underpin this enthusiasm, as well as the Association’s capacity to influence key decision makers. 
  Over 90 % of respondents consider the MCI to be effective in engaging with government and transport policy and these members are clearly making use of the MCI’s expertise themselves, with access to the public affairs department rising by 25 %. 
  For those who completed the survey, there was an increase in use of all key areas of member services, including a 35 % rise in demand for advice on technical and legislative matters and increased use of statistical services.  Just 3 % of these members do not use the stats department, which scored particularly highly for overall service levels.  All other departments scored consistently highly too.
  Communication from the MCI has been particularly well received among respondents, with 97 % reading the newsletter and 83 % considering communications have improved in the past twelve months.
  This was reflected in the high awareness of campaigns and interaction with legislative bodies, including work on 3DLD, EU regulations, Wheels to Work and the MCI’s work in tackling motorcycle theft.
  Those not utilising their membership in some way fell from 24 % to just 7 % among respondents and there is still room for improvement in terms of attendance at MCI events.  Those who attended industry day, breakfast meetings and the Annual Conference, scored them consistently ‘good’ or ‘very good’. So with 67 % of respondents saying they hadn’t attended an event in the past year, there is huge capacity for members to get more from their membership. 
  Changes to special members meetings were well received this year, with 67 % of respondents saying meetings had improved.
Comment: Steve Kenward, CEO of the MCI says: ‘We are delighted with the results of this year’s survey, which reflects the hard work of MCI staff and partners.  It also speaks volumes about the willingness of members to engage with each other to facilitate a coherent industry.  This is perhaps the reason why the UK market is currently more buoyant than much of Europe and why Transport Ministers are open to talks about the case for motorcycling.’ In summary: The awareness of and use of the various departments has increased.
  1. MCI campaigns and initiatives scored highly.
  2. More members are aware of what MCI is doing and achieving and feel this is done well.
  3. But most importantly members are saying that they would recommend membership to others.
Editors Notes Sandra Cole is the Membership Manager, who can be contacted via e-mail at