Press Release: Commuters Beat Petrol Prices with Super Fuel-efficient Scooters


The latest registration figures from the MCI (Motorcycle Industry Association) show the most popular scooter for February was a model which does up to 146 miles per gallon (52 km/l).

Looking for cheaper ways to travel seems to be part of a wider trend, witnessed by the significant increase in sales of scooters, mopeds and motorcycles under 125cc. Sales of scooters rose by 17% in 2011, and with consistently high fuel costs, sales look set to repeat that pattern in 2012 - up nearly 10% on the same time last year.
  Sales of smaller, more fuel efficient motorcycles (125cc and below) now account for just over 50% of all new registrations, which means motorcycling is becoming an increasingly economical solution for personal transport.
  Motorcyclists also benefit from quicker journey times, use of bus lanes where permitted, free congestion charge in London and easier and often free parking in city centres. Road tax and insurance are cheaper and low emission rates for smaller motorcycles mean they are a ‘greener’ option.
  Steve Kenward, CEO of the MCI says ‘Fuel economy is now hugely important in motorcycle design and we are seeing an increasing number of small bikes with performances around the 140 mpg mark.’
  ‘Motorcycling can make a massive difference to the cost of commuting. There’s just nothing affordable on the car market that can beat a fuel efficient scooter at the moment.’ ‘Motorcycles help reduce congestion and the emissions are low on these small bikes, so it’s increasingly clear that they have the potential to become a key part in solving transport problems.’
  Further Information *Commuters can test out how much they would save by swapping four wheels for two on the Travel Savings Calculator on the MCI’s Get On website at

 *Sales figures can be seen on MCI website *Pictures can be provided by contacting the press office
  *The MCI (Motorcycle Industry Association) is a trade association for the wholesale side of motorcycling, representing 120 companies. Established over 100 years ago, its remit is to protect and promote the motorcycle industry and expand the motorcycle market for the benefit of members.