Report from Ride to Work Week


The MCIA would like to thank all motorcycle businesses, which helped spread positive messages about motorcycling during Ride to Work Week.
  Now in its 17th year, this is the second year the campaign has been extended to a full week, which generated a wider range of participation, particularly among MCIA members, some of who have devised PR stories around the event.  For example Ageas Insurance issued a ‘top 20’ towns and cities for motorcycle ownership, while Devitts produced a series of blogs, including one by non riding staff who received motorcycle training. Carole Nash built a giant ‘Motodesk’ – an outdoor desk at which a motorcyclist can remain seated on his or her bike and issued a second picture of a motorcyclist sitting inside an office on his bike and wearing his helmet was also much shared on Twitter.
  Social media played an important part in this year’s campaign and was the platform on which many  motorcycle related businesses and organisations participated.  Both Twitter and Facebook were effective in sharing RTWW content, with much support from MCIA members and other partners, such as the Think! team, BikeSafe, IAM, Wheels 2 Work schemes and many individuals.
  RTWW team chose to raise the profile of this year’s campaign through Facebook, and with a very modest budget was able to engage nearly a quarter of a million people, many of whom are riders.
  The idea of encouraging staff who don’t currently ride to give it a go has become a major theme of RTWW, with Get On available throughout the week to put on a workplace event. 
  • BikeSure gave all those staff who rode to work the chance to wear their own casual clothes, and raffled free CBTs to get non riding staff started on two wheels.
  • Suzuki gave staff members who don’t currently ride the chance to do a CBT and its riding staff were able to try new models.
  • Honda invited staff who rode in on Monday and Tuesday to try new models too, which inspired one employee who hadn’t ridden for a while to remember what she was missing and order a company bike there and then!
    Honda also arranged its dealer conference to coincide with Ride to Work Week, which generated an extra buzz for the event.
  Many MCIA member insurance companies gave free commuter cover for the day or the week, including MCEInsurance Group, Ageas, Carole Nash and ERS, which is well targeted incentive in encouraging leisure riders to extend their riding to weekdays too.
  Devitts also released a video which puts forward the case for motorcycling, using a mix of its own insight and generic messages, which have been developed in support of encouraging greater motorcycle use.
  Wheels to Work Schemes and some trainers also used RTWW to highlight their own services, which is exactly what the MCIA has encouraged all its members and partners to do.
  A PR kit, which was issued ahead of the campaign was put to good use, with many of the messages contained within it being reproduced in other PR.
  This will also prove to be a useful document for any motorcycle related PR.
  The MCIA is confident this event was very successful in generating a buzz within the industry and hopefully motorcycle use will continue to rise as a result.