Are you ready for Ride to Work Week?


Members have been sent a toolkit with links to assets for the 2018 Ride to Work Week campaign, which is on 18th to 24th June.  These can also be downloaded via the website

It is also not too late to request hi-viz jackets and bunting for your events, subject to availability and new for this year is the Facebook frame, which can be added to your profile picture.  Just scroll through and find 'I'm riding to work' by Ride to Work Week UK and tell the world exactly what they're missing.

Supporting the campaign on social media will help spread the message that commuting via powered two wheeler has multiple benefits to the user and helps reduce congestion for all!

The campaign will highlight five main advantages of riding to work which include:
  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Easy parking
  • Beat congestion
  • It's just more fun!
Gina Evans who works in the exhibitions team will be the main point of contact for Ride to Work Week, so make sure you send all your pictures and information to her via  or via

If you have any difficulty using the downloads on the Ride to Work Week website, contact Gina to transfer the files direct.

And don't forget to use the hastag - #commutehappy!