Skill is the new thrill!


World Superbike rider Chaz Davies and comedian Alan Davies have joined a group of regular bikers to improve their road riding skills, which will be captured in a series of videos, titled 'Never too good'.

These will be shared via social media over the next few weeks and you can see the trailer here.

This is the latest phase of the long running Think! campaign, which aims to make drivers aware of motorcyclists and to encourage riders to take road craft seriously. 

The MCIA's Safety and Training Director  Karen Cole applauds this approach to improving rider safety: "This is a far more engaging way to promote skills among motorcyclists.  Videos which employ shock tactics are often ignored by bikers and just serve to reinforce a fear of motorcycles among people who don't intend to get on one anyway.  

"We have a lot of choices as riders and can seriously reduce our vulnerability by being realistic about our skills and being open to improving them."

There are several organisations which offer post test training.  BikeSafe is a great way to assess your post test training needs and you can find your nearest Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS) training provider through the Gov.UK website here.