Special Member Group Update


The first of a number of special member group meetings started last week with the eMCI and continued today with the Service Providers Group (pictured).

Representatives from the motorcycle insurance and finance industries, as well as valuation specialists joined chair Dave Macy from Blackhorse, to discuss the latest MCI initiatives and raise issues and opportunities specific to their area of business. Members who attend all special member meetings this month will receive up-to-the-minute updates and insights into registration forecasts, member recruitment proposals, plus the latest from Get On, as well as projects which affect the business of the group in session.  They will also hear the latest PR plans and details of a proposed conference which has ministerial backing. Special Member Groups provide a dynamic forum for members to create dialogue with the Board, which results in their ideas being translated into action. The most recent initiative, driven by special member group, is the Motorcycle Off-Road Experience – an event raising awareness of off-road sport, followed by an increase in the sales of off-road bikes. Meetings this week include the MCITA (Tuesday 10th), Manufacturers (Wednesday 11th), Accessory and Components (Thursday 12th), the MCI Board (Tuesday 17th) and the Off-Road Group (Thursday 26th). Members who would like to attend, but have not yet expressed an intention to do so, should email Membership Manager, Sandra Cole on s.cole@mcia.co.uk.  Special member group meetings are scheduled a year in advance.  You can check out the dates in the ‘Events’ section of the MCI website, or by clicking here. First timers are always warmly welcomed!