The Motorcycle Safety and Transport Policy Framework


The Motorcycle Safety and Transport Policy (MSTP) framework is a whitepaper which sets out how more Powered Two Wheelers (PTWs) make for safer roads and provide a solution to congestion issues. The framework clearly sets out what needs to be done to improve road safety for riders and unleash the opportunities for PTWs in the long term.

Developed with and supported by the National Police Chiefs Council and Highways England, the framework represents the strategy and focus for industry initiatives.  The strategy has received much attention and support and has already been adopted by Northampton County Council who wish to create a modal shift to PTWs in order to keep their roads moving.

Realising the Motorcycling Opportunity, A Motorcycle Safety and Transport Policy Framework calls for motorcycles and scooters to be included in mainstream transport policy and for rider safety to be consistently factored into national road design.  

Seven key areas have been identified, which would make roads safer for riders, along with actions as to how this can be achieved practically. These include safer infrastructure, expanding road user education, increasing awareness, training and working in partnership with other vulnerable road users.


MSTP Framework