What is the average age of bikers?


Though many industry commentators claim bikers are an ageing demographic, a slightly different story emerges from examining the age profile of riders seeking insurance during April, June and July of this year.

The Two Wheel Data Centre report for Quarter 2 shows that when it comes to getting quotes for new bikes, 28.5% are aged 20 to 30. This is the largest group by age. 

There has been a rise in baby boomers seeking bike insurance for new bikes though, with a 17.4% increase in quotes for over 50s. This demographic now makes up 17.4% of all new bike quotes and suggests an increase of riders over 50 in real terms, which might explain why the ‘average’ age is going up.  

Of course, it could also indicate that over 50s are becoming increasingly price sensitive and are looking for the best deal through comparison sites.  

These are the sort of insights which can be further explored through Two Wheel Data Centre bespoke reports.  Email Heather Brown for details.