Wheels to Work Association - ITT for Clothing and Accessories


Wheels to Work Association - Procurement Programme - Opportunity to Tender for the Supply of Motorcycle Clothing and Accessories.


Wheels to Work Schemes provide transport, typically scooters and mopeds, enabling people to access employment or education opportunities that would otherwise be unobtainable. 

The role of the Wheels to Work Association is twofold: 
  • To assist W2W programmes in developing sustainable structures which can attract business support, sustainable income and supporting funding from both the public and private sectors. 
  • To advocate W2W and its mission to appropriate audiences, both public and private sector.

We wish to assist schemes to move to greater levels of financial sustainability by the sharing of best practice and by creating procurement contracts for the products and services required by individual schemes whereby they can benefit from the prices derived from a national purchase arrangement, but continue to receive local support and direct deliveries.

Companies wishing to respond to the existence of the tender opportunity should ask for a copy by e-mailing info@wheels2workassociation.org 

Indication of a desire to tender can be signalled by returning this document as a hardcopy by 28th February 2017 with a view to supply starting, if required, to individual Schemes by 1st April 2017. Please send to The Chairman, The Wheels to Work Association, 1 Rye Hill Office Park, Birmingham Road, Allesley, Coventry, CV5 9AB