Women bikers to break world record


An attempt to stage the world’s largest ever female biker meet will take place today (Sunday 16th August) at the Ace Café in London.   The previous record was held last year in Australia when 221 women gathered on 190 bikes.  The organisers of the UK event are confident that they will easily beat that with over 1000 pledged to attend so far.   Organisers Sherrie Woolfe and Nimisha Patel are hoping to raise awareness of the growing popularity of motorcycling among women and hope that manufactures will expand or adapt their ranges to cater more specifically to their needs.   According to data from a comparison site software provider, which handles around 80% of motorcycle insurance quotes in the UK – an average of around 7% of riders are women but this percentage fluctuates according to the age of the rider.   For example women aged 21-30 is the largest group on motorcycles.  Around 28% of women riders fall into this age category.  There has been an increase in the number of women over 50 taking a test in recent years and there has been much speculation as to what is driving this trend.  Karen Cole, Director of Motorcycle Safety at the MCIA and a long term rider herself explained:   “We believe the industry’s Get On programme has been instrumental in bringing more women into motorcycling.  40% of people who took a free ride with Get On were women, according to survey replies from nearly 9000 people.  Get On made it easy for women to try motorcycling for the first time.*   “Social media has surely played a part in bringing women riders together in the past few years. The proliferation of female biking groups on Facebook has meant women riders can easily find friends to ride out with locally.  As a result, small informal groups have been springing up across the country, which obviously helps generate and sustain interest in riding.

To find out more about the event - see the Facebook page here.   *These figures are produced by the MCIA Contact Centre, which has handled Get On bookings since June 2012 and based on 8941 people surveyed