Younger age group most open to PTW's


This is one of a number of findings from the latest report on motorcycles and scooters, produced by Mintel, a leading market research company.  22% of young adults (age 17 - 21) who had never owned a motorcycle said they would consider doing so. The same age group were less likely to see motorcycling as dangerous, which the report suggests may be down to industry initiatives such as Get On.

Mintel surveyed nearly 2000 internet users by age and gender, to examine attitudes to owning a motorcycle or scooter and  identified possible motivations for doing so. 
  The cost of insurance is the biggest consideration for all age groups when thinking about opting for a motorcycle over a car.  Rising insurance premiums for riders, however, are ‘dampening the cost benefits associated with motorcycles and scooters’, according to the report’s author.
  A summary of the report can be downloaded below and the full version can be purchased from Mintel for £1750.  A 20 % discount is available to MCI members by visiting and adding the code MCIA20 at check out. 

The report cannot be quoted without permission from the authors.